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         Workforce Strategies that Work

In the past few years, contingent workforces have been growing at increasingly rapid rates. According to Deloitte, some companies are spending up to 30 percent of procurement dollars on contingent workers. These outsourced labor sources provide increased flexibility for many organizations.

For most organizations, human capital constitutes the largest single cost of doing business. Increasingly, employers are utilizing contingent workforce strategies to control costs.  If you are experiencing growth that you cannot support with your own, internal staff - or have taken on a project that makes it more efficient to hire a temporary workforce – contact us today to see if Falcon Solutions can help.

On-Site Staffing
We recruit, screen, and hire qualified employees to fill workforce shortages caused by unexpected demand, seasonal staffing, project requirements and other situations where hiring additional statutory employees is not a desired solution.   As part of our protocol and onboarding process, we conduct background checks, drug screening, employee verification, work history checks and e-verify all qualified candidates. 

Data Services
We provide data entry, document conversion, scanning, imaging, indexing, storing and conversion services.  We take pride in our quality, turnaround time and customer support.  

Construction Labor
We provide skilled laborers for construction projects.  We understand the importance of having the right skill level for each trade and have agreements with several trade organizations to provide union labor when it is a requirement or a best practice.

Security Guards

We provide security consulting and guard services that starts with a full assessment our clients’ needs and vulnerabilities. Our National Security Solutions® (NSS) team specializes in mitigation of security risks..

Facility Management

We provide staffing to manage and maintain the functionality of office buildings including, maintaining the building's physical plant and providing other services to ensure the buildings functionality. 

Construction Management

We provide professional construction managers and support staff to help developers, builders and owners successfully complete there residential, commercial and infrastructure projects on-time and on-budget.